How to Decorate for a Disco Party?

Answer Disco parties are a nostalgic nod to the 1970s with funky imagery and lively pop culture references in an entertaining dance and social environment. Decorating for a disco party is relatively inexp... Read More »

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How to Dress for a 70s Disco Party?

The 1970s was a decade of change in fashion, politics and music. One of the most distinctive style trends and music phenomenons of the decade was Disco. Disco first made its way onto the music scen... Read More »

Costumes for a 70s Disco Party?

You can hardly go to a disco party without getting into the spirit of the 1970s --- the decade that epitomised disco --- and that means costumes that reflect the trends and crazes of the age. The 1... Read More »

How to Do 70s Disco Party Decorations?

Nothing compares to a party like a disco party! The lights, the dances, the fashion and the music are one of a kind and the decorations are no exception. The decorations are the glue that will hold... Read More »

Foods for a Disco Party?

Before you don the disco boots and style your Afro just right, you'll need to do a little planning for your disco party. Many of the foods that were popular in the 1970s--when disco ruled--are stil... Read More »