How to Dispose of a Dead Raccoon?

Answer Having a dead raccoon on your property can lead to several problems such as the potential for spreading disease, attracting other wild animals as well as the unpleasant smell that accompanies a dea... Read More »

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How to Dispose of a Dead Rabbit?

Disposing of a dead rabbit sounds simple, but like any task, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Many people think they can dump a dead rabbit in the garbage, but this is illegal i... Read More »

How to Dispose of Dead Animals?

Dead animals pose a health risk to humans and pets, carrying potential diseases including rabies, and acting as the host for parasites such as mites, fleas and ticks. The decomposition of dead anim... Read More »

How to Dispose of a Dead Hamster ?

Hamster's can be wonderful, adorable pets--but they don't live forever. And when the time finally comes to see your pet off into the afterlife, there are certain bases that must be covered.

How to Dispose of a Dead Goldfish?

A pet goldfish can be expected to live 10 years or longer if it is properly cared for. Some goldfish have been documented as living for more than 20 years with the oldest known specimen dying at th... Read More »