How to Dye Wool With Tea?

Answer Use your favourite tea for a different purpose -- dyeing wool yarn, fabric or roving. Any animal fibre can be dyed with tea, including wool, mohair, alpaca and llama. Tea dyeing adds a warm tan tin... Read More »

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How to Make a Wool Soaker From a Wool Sweater?

Wool soakers are an economical and healthy alternative to plastic covers for cloth diapers. Wool wicks moisture away from the skin and is naturally antibacterial, making it an ideal choice for soak... Read More »

What are the Different Uses of Wool?

Wool, a fiber from the hairs of animals such as sheep, goats, and yaks, is a textile with an immense number of uses. One of the major uses of wool is in garment production, but this fiber can be us... Read More »

Where does wool come from?

Are you serious? Wool is what grows on the skin of a SHEEP

How to Get Rid of the Smell From a Wet Wool Rug?

Made from the fleece of sheep, wool is a common material for sweaters, coats and rugs. Wool provides a warm and soft material for rugs that -- with the proper care -- will last a lifetime. As with ... Read More »