How to Fill Your Hot Tub for the First Time?

Answer A new hot tub in your yard or on your deck offers year-round relaxation and socialising. After the hot tub is installed and hooked up to the electrical system, it needs to be filled with water. Imp... Read More »

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Is it legal for a company to bring in time and motion people and video you and fill in downtime speadsheets?

These people are brought in mainly to advise where staff can be cut, to save the company money!

Is it legal to make a full time worker redundant and then employ new part time staff at the same time.?

if you have been made redundant from your job then they cannot hire new staff for the same job because your job technically no longer exists. if this is the case you have the right to take legal ac... Read More »

When every in your department is getting over time and you are getting part time hours and is a full time empl?

Nope............your part benefits............if you don't like it quit..........thousands would love to have your job..........

First Time Buyers: Is now or this time next year, the time to buy a house if you are in no rush?

march, april will be the best time,its at the end of the tax year, within 12 months there will be a general election so this will be the best time to have a mortgage offer on the table & go happy h... Read More »