How to Find a Wireless Security Key or Passphrase in Linksys?

Answer Linksys wireless routers are capable of providing secure wireless network communications through the use of wireless encryptions such as WEP and WPA. The WEP and WPA wireless security types use a s... Read More »

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How can I find out my Security key/passphrase for my wireless network?

OK, If you managed to change the security key on your router a while back the simplest solution is to do it again. Reset it to a new key and then attempt to connect with the new and old laptop. Ent... Read More »

Where Can I Find A Network Key Or Passphrase To Set Up My Wireless Intenet On Another Computer?

If I understand the question correctly:You have a wireless network with a router and one networked computer;You are trying to link in another one.The "Network Key" is the password assigned to the n... Read More »

Question about linksys wireless-g broadband router and the linksys wireless-g usb network adapter?

I suspect your will not be able to understand anything anyone would write to you in response. In fact if you cannot understand the manual which provides specific instruction, how can you understan... Read More »

Wherever i search for a wireless network i always find 'linksys' what is this?

mines linksys, its the name of the router..