How to Fix a Tape Measure?

Answer Technical tape measures all share the same major components. They are all enclosed in either a steel or plastic case. They utilise a friction type hold mechanism to stop the action of the interior ... Read More »

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When magnetic tape is put on top of another piece of magnetic tape, the tape on the bottom is demagnetized — its memory is erased. How are we then able to rewind and forward tape, scrolling the tape together, on a cassette tape with out damaging th?

The process of winding tape up on reels does damage its magnetism slightly. The adjacent layers of tape do interact with one another and they do cause the sound on one layer to appear on the adjace... Read More »

How to Measure the Waist With a Tape Measure?

Taking body measurements can be helpful for monitoring weight loss or shopping online. One place to measure is your waist, which is an area people typically enjoy seeing shrink due to weight-loss e... Read More »

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What Is a Tape Measure Used For?

A tape measure is an indispensable tool when working on projects in which precision measurements are necessary. Whether you are installing shelves, laying out a flower bed or hemming your jeans, a ... Read More »