How to Hard Reset an iPhone?

Answer Owners and users of the Apple iPhone generally report loving the phone, but they also report frequent lock-ups where the screen suddenly freezes or goes black altogether. Some report success solvin... Read More »

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How to Reset an iPhone?

The iPhone has certainly changed the landscape of what defines a cell phone. No longer is it simply a communication device, but a personal entertainment system that you can shove in your pocket. We... Read More »

How to Reset AutoCorrect on Your iPhone?

Apple's iOS mobile operating system has an auto-correct feature that auto-corrects misspelled words used in the iOS applications. This feature not only auto-corrects spelling, it learns through con... Read More »

How to Reset an iPhone With a Paperclip?

Minor iPhone problems that don't resolve through restarting the device may benefit from removing the SIM card with a paper clip. Sometimes, the process of taking out and reinserting the SIM card wi... Read More »

How to Reset an iPhone Passcode?

Every Apple iPhone has the ability to use a "passcode"--a four-digit number that must be entered to bring the iPhone out of standby mode when it has been locked. If you are the first owner of the i... Read More »