How to Keep Raccoons From Pooping on My Deck?

Answer Raccoons prefer to poop on flat surfaces like decks and will continue to use the area as a latrine. Raccoon excrement on your deck is not only unsightly and smelly, it often contains deadly germs. ... Read More »

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What Attracts Raccoons?

Raccoons, sometimes known as nature's furry burglars, have ringed tails, a black fur face mask and can weigh up to 27.2 Kilogram. Raccoons have a tendency to rummage around people's homes for food;... Read More »

How to Deter Raccoons?

Many times raccoons are portrayed and lovable scamps that wreak innocuous havoc on a person's home or garden. In reality, raccoons are destructive creatures that will not only cause severe damage b... Read More »

What Spices Keep Raccoons Away?

Raccoons may look cuddly and cute, but they often prove this myth wrong by tearing apart garbage cans to rummage and eat whatever leftovers you may have thrown out. Keeping them at bay can be as si... Read More »

How to Draw Raccoons?

Raccoons are sometimes referred to as nature's bandits, as the little critter's markings resemble a robber's mask and indeed raccoons are scavengers. They've been depicted in art for some time, fro... Read More »