How to Keep a Hanging Flag Straight?

Answer Flags are normally mounted on a standing or hanging flagpole. The mounting mechanisms usually include running a pole through a seamed opening, or threading durable string or rope through grommets p... Read More »

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How to keep my hair straight after straightening and how to keep my side fringe in place?

Try this.When you get out of the shower put some kind of mouse in your hair for GRIP. Using a comb start to dry your bangs immediately side to side and then to the side your want them to go to. Do ... Read More »

My Toyota Corolla is pulling to the left, I have to keep the steering wheel right to keep the car straight.?

seems like youve done most things... but.. are the brakes slightly siezing on one side... (or not releasing all the way off) that'll do it. so will a dodgy suspension strut... (look ofr leaking oil... Read More »

How do I keep It straight?

Get some hair straightening serum to put on your hair when it is straight. I have the same problem as you and I use "Angel Fish Sleek Fish Smoothing Serum" it costs about £5 but it lasts for ages ... Read More »

How can i keep my hair straight?

If your hair is really curly then you'll need some serious heat to get your hair poker straight. You need to make sure that your straighteners reach a temperature over 200 degrees and if they don't... Read More »