How to Keep a Hanging Flag Straight?

Answer Flags are normally mounted on a standing or hanging flagpole. The mounting mechanisms usually include running a pole through a seamed opening, or threading durable string or rope through grommets p... Read More »

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How to Raise a Flag on a Flag Pole With Knots?

Flag poles are fixtures in places as diverse as playgrounds to military outposts, and they are sometimes even found in homes. To raise a flag up a flag pole, the flag pole must first have a halyard... Read More »

How to Display the U.S. Flag With a Christian Flag?

The United States flag is perhaps the most well-known symbol of the nation, and there are certain rules that govern its display, out of respect for all the men and women that have given their lives... Read More »

How to Light a Flag on a Flag Pole?

The flag can be displayed night and day as long as it has a light on it during the night hours. How one places the light on the flag is important. When the light is shining upwards on the flag, it ... Read More »

How to Fold the Confederate Flag for a Flag Box?

The most recognised Confederate flag is actually a combination of the Confederate battle flag and the Second Confederate Navy Jack. Though there has been much controversy over the display of the Co... Read More »