How to Keep a Turtle Dove?

Answer Doves belong to the same order and family as pigeons, and both types of birds are commonly made pets. Turtle doves are native to southern parts of Europe, western Asia and North Africa, and in orde... Read More »

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How to Keep Turtle Dove Eggs Warm?

Turtle dove eggs, like most poultry eggs, need a constant temperature between 36.7 and 37.8 degrees Celsius, or cooler temperatures will keep the eggs from hatching. Safely keeping turtle dove eggs... Read More »

How to Tell a Male Box Turtle From a Female Box Turtle?

There are four species of box turtles, each of which contain many different subspecies. Several of these different subspecies are commonly found as pet turtles. All box turtles share some physical ... Read More »

The Difference Between an Alligator Snapping Turtle & the Common Snapping Turtle?

Common snapping turtles and alligator snapping turtles belong to two different genera in the family chelydrdae. This family consists of just three species known as either snapping or big-head turtl... Read More »

How to Make a 3D Dove?

3D doves have several uses. They can be used as props, decorations, toys or even object for shooting with rifles or other weapons during skeet shooting. 3D doves are not difficult to make and you c... Read More »