How to Kill and Defeather a Rooster?

Answer Raising and preparing your own poultry can be a great way to save money and to also be in complete control of what goes into your meat and how it is dispatched. By learning how to kill and defeathe... Read More »

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After a successful duck-hunting trip, you will need to clean your game either in the field or as soon as possible afterward by removing the innards and stripping off the feathers. Very small or you... Read More »

How Can You Tell a Rooster From a Hen?

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How to Tell a Rooster Apart From a Hen?

Chickens provide a farming family with a daily egg harvest and the occasional chicken dinner. Most farms separate their female hens inside a coop while letting their rooster, the male chicken, roam... Read More »

How to Quiet a Rooster?

Housing roosters is necessary if you breed chickens, as roosters play a vital role in fertilising the eggs. Yet sometimes, your rooster's incessant crowing may be a source of annoyance and concern.... Read More »