How to Know When a Rod or Main Bearing Is Bad?

Answer The rod and the main bearings are located in an automobile engine. These bearing are used to protect the crankshaft, or connecting rod. The bearings help the shaft to spin freely inside the engine.... Read More »

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What Is a Main Bearing?

A component of all piston engines, a main bearing allows the crankshaft to rotate and is located, at a minimum, at each end of the crankshaft. Engines may have more than two main bearings, which im... Read More »

How to Replace Rear Main Bearing Oil Seals?

Rear main bearing oil seals are shaped like a rope in the early model vehicles and made of a fabric similar to rope. They were replaced with a polyurethane seal with a lip, to more effectively seal... Read More »

How to Install a Small Block Chevy Main Bearing?

How well you install the main bearings of your vehicle's engine will help determine the engine's life. The main bearings encircle the crankshaft. Since the main bearings allow the crankshaft to dis... Read More »

Ball Bearing Fan Vs. No Bearing Fan?

The bearing, the mount that connects a fan's components together, can affect the noise and longevity of the fan, and therefore your overall computing experience. Two common bearing types you will e... Read More »