How to Long Splice a Cable?

Answer Long splicing is a technique in which two cables are interwoven in such a way as to produce a seamless and strong continuous cable with no visible knots. The long splicing technique is useful for c... Read More »

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How Do I Splice Cable?

When connecting two separate cables together, it is necessary to splice cable in order to create one cable. There are five steps required to splice cable: check compatibility, cut the cable, strip ... Read More »

How to Splice Telephone Cable: Do it Yourself?

When a telephone cable is damaged or an old cable needs extending, running a new cable is usually the best solution to avoid line connectivity problems. However, sometimes splicing the cable makes ... Read More »

How to Splice Cable Into Multiple TVs?

It's expensive to have your cable company install cable connections to every room that houses a television. Rather than trying to install the jacks yourself, and possibly making a mistake, splice y... Read More »

How to Splice Steel Cable?

Steel cable is made up of multiple steel wires placed side by side and then bound together. The wires are bound by twisting or braiding them until a single, thick strand is formed. Individual wires... Read More »