How to Lower Nitrates in a Koi Pond?

Answer Nitrites, commonly called nitrates, are a group of chemicals found in koi ponds that are made by a colony of beneficial bacteria that consumes or breaks down the koi waste. Nitrite levels increase ... Read More »

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How to Lower Nitrates in a Pond?

Nitrates are a natural byproduct of animal and fish waste. Bacteria convert fish waste into ammonia, which is converted into less-harmful nitrites, which are then converted into nitrates that feed ... Read More »

How to Reduce Nitrates and Alkalinity in a Koi Pond?

Koi ponds add an appealing visual element to a backyard or landscape, but they need to be maintained to keep the fish healthy. Changes in weather and build-up of chemicals affect the alkalinity and... Read More »

How to Lower PH in Pond Water?

Regularly check the pH levels in your pond (at least once every 2 to 3 days), especially if you have fish or other organisms living in and around your pond. A pH level that is too low will make the... Read More »

What are Nitrates?

Nitrates are chemical compounds which, among other defining characteristics, contain the polyatomic ion nitrate, which is composed of one atom of nitrogen and three atoms of oxygen, together having... Read More »