How to Make Geometric Shapes With Toothpicks?

Answer Create simple geometry learning exercises using toothpicks. With 12 toothpicks, you can make a perfect hexagram. From this shape, create a number of geometric shapes, such as trapezoids, parallelog... Read More »

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How to Make a Christmas Tree With Geometric Shapes?

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How to Connect 3-D Geometric Shapes?

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Originally woven from natural plants and grasses, Tukutuku is a traditional art form of the New Zealand Maori. Based on the "X" shape of cross stitches, these weavings incorporate geometric shapes ... Read More »

How to Balance Geometric Shapes Using String?

Balancing geometric shapes along an X-shaped mobile frame is a tangible way to demonstrate the mathematical principle of balance in the classroom or for children at home. Any number of different sh... Read More »