How to Make Sugar Diamond Studs?

Answer Pastry art includes the use of edible gemstones for decoration. For instance, sugar diamond studs are used to add sparkle and elegance to wedding and birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies and fancy des... Read More »

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The Kinds of Glue to Use on Fabric for Diamond Studs?

Although almost any sort of fabric glue will work to adhere diamond studs to material, using one that it is made specifically for embellishment is preferable. When considering different glues, thin... Read More »

Will a silver bracelet go with black diamond ear studs?

Your complexion is a factor to be considered in this regard. For dark complexion it is better to go for the pearl or platinum accessories. If you have fair complexion, you can try the black ear acc... Read More »

How Can You Tell the Differences Between a Simulated Diamond & a Real Diamond?

Take a careful look at a diamond before purchasing to ensure it is real. Unscrupulous jewellery dealers might attempt to pass off a synthetic diamond as a natural diamond. Labs can produce syntheti... Read More »

How to Make Fake Nose Studs?

You may like the look of a nose stud but don't want to go through the hassle of actually getting your nose pierced. Create some fake nose studs that look like the real thing, without the pain and h... Read More »