How to Make a Dutch Arrow?

Answer A Dutch arrow is also called a centrifugally stabilized javelin. Flights are cut out using a craft knife, secured and angled to the end of a foot broom handle. A notch is created by finding the c... Read More »

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Mouse arrow on new toshiba laptop,stuck solid in middle screen, cant even sign in,cant shift arrow.any suggest?

You've disabled the tracker.If you're not prepared to use your keyboard to fix it then the first thing to do is plug an external mouse in. Use it.If you're prepared to use your keyboard, to log in ... Read More »

I want to type an up-arrow and down-arrow into microsoft powerpoint, how do i do it?

Either use the Character Map Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Mapotherwise, look at different font in the symbol you want to insert (widding1, widding2, etc.)

Homemade Arrow for Arrow of Light Ceremony?

The Arrow of Light Ceremony is often used to celebrate Cub Scouts' accomplishments and mark their journey. Cub Scouts that have demonstrated proper understanding of the Scouts' principles and Scout... Read More »

How to Make a Dutch Hat?

Dutch hat can be made using a sketch paper and tape. The paper is folded crosswise and re-folded lengthwise making four creased squares on the paper. The upper edges of the crosswise paper is fol... Read More »