How to Make a Garden Trough?

Answer A garden trough is also used as a decorative planter. Its significant weathered look is called the hypertufa made from cement, peat moss, and perlite. The mixture is poured into a handmade mold w... Read More »

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What Is a Garden Trough?

A garden trough is a planter that is typically made of stone, concrete, or other, similar material. These are sturdy containers that are generally used for growing herbs, vegetables, or flowers. Su... Read More »

How to Trough Garden Plants?

Vegetable and flower gardens can be a bright jewel in the yard, but can also be one-dimensional. Many gardeners choose to accentuate their garden, keep their plants on the porch or even move the ga... Read More »

How to Build a Decorative Concrete Garden Trough?

Use decorative troughs in your garden as planters, water features or as art pieces. Combine cement with lighter elements to create hypertufa. Hypertufa troughs look as if they have weathered over t... Read More »

How to Make Concrete Trough Planters?

Creating concrete trough planters is a straightforward procedure that just about anyone can do. When attention is paid to detail, the results can look just like natural rock and blend perfectly int... Read More »