How to Make a Gardenia Corsage?

Answer Gardenias are wonderfully fragrant flowers with creamy white blooms. Though often considered a symbol of Southern elegance, gardenias are available from florists throughout the country and can be u... Read More »

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How to Make a Gardenia Lei?

Gardenias have creamy white flower petals and dark green, glossy leaves.They are perfect for making a homemade lei since the blossoms have an intense, sweet fragrance. Making a homemade lei is less... Read More »

How to Make Gumpaste Gardenia Flowers?

Gum paste is made of sugar, gelatin and starch. Cake decorators use the paste to create realistic flowers and fruits. You can make gum paste yourself, or buy it packaged at your local craft store. ... Read More »

How to Make an Angel Corsage?

Corsages are usually made with flowers and ribbons, but angel corsages are made in the shape of an angel. A corsage is pinned onto the clothing and worn on the left side, right under the shoulder, ... Read More »

How to Make a Birthday Corsage?

Birthday corsages originated in the '50s and '60s and were popular among 10- to 18-year-old girls. These corsages were made out of candy and curly ribbon and presented to the birthday girl on her s... Read More »