How to Make a Jade Cut?

Answer Jade is a succulent houseplant with shiny, dark green leaves and a neat, treelike shape. If jade branches grow unevenly around the pot, the plant may become unbalanced and topple over. To solve thi... Read More »

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How to Make a Jade Bangle?

Making a jade bangle is a challenging project, but with the correct skills, training and machinery, anyone can create beautiful jade bracelets. If you're a beginner, use nephrite, which is softer a... Read More »

What Is Jade?

Jade is a stone valued for its beauty and utility. The term is actually applied to two different stones: jadeitite and nephrite. Both of these stones exhibit very similar characteristics, having ro... Read More »

What Is a Jade Egg?

The jade egg is a small egg-shaped object intended for use as a piece of vaginal exercise equipment. These exercises are performed by inserting the egg inside the vagina and then using the interio... Read More »

How Can I Tell if Something Is Jade?

Though most people think of jade as being green, it can be found in many other colours, including nearly black or bluish white. Jade can be made either of the mineral nephrite, which is a soft rock... Read More »