How to Make a Model Anderson Shelter?

Answer In order to make a model Anderson Shelter you will need material to represent the corrugated iron such as cardboard. Bend the cardboard to make an arc shape with a flat, square piece at the front ... Read More »

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How to Make a Anderson Shelter?

To make an Anderson shelter, you will need six curved sheets of corrugated that has been bolted at the top of steel plate that measure 1.95m x 1.35m. To bend corrugated metal, you must do so along ... Read More »

How do You Make an Anderson Shelter?

To make an Anderson Shelter, it should be built with iron or another metal that can provide shelter from bombing. Anderson shelters were built and given to low class people for free for protection.

How Did the Children Sleep in a Anderson Shelter?

Anderson shelters were designed during the WW II to accomodate families of maximum 6 members during the German bombings. Depending on the number of children the family had, shelters would accomodat... Read More »

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