How to Make a Paper Nurse's Hat?

Answer Most nurses don't wear caps anymore, but they are still a recognisable symbol of the nursing profession. With this cap and a piece of blue or red material as a cape, your aspiring nurse will be rea... Read More »

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Why dont female nurses wear a nurses dress anymore And why dont nurses wear hats either?

The hat would be a pain is the @$$ (can you imagine it falling off into some poo or into a wound?). A dress can reveal underwear and I know that personally if I had to where stockings, I'd ruin ea... Read More »

Why do NHS nurses look more like cleaners than nurses and are only at nursing stations then with patients?

The first bit is a good point. Nurses uniform should be better than a cleaner so they feel like professionals and add to the importance of their role.

How to Make a Origami Nurses Cap?

For a fun Halloween costume, the nurse's uniform is one that appears year after year. Nurses no longer wear the recognisable white dress and cap, but the traditional outfit is still a popular costu... Read More »

How to Make a Nurses Hat for a Costume?

Traditional nurse uniforms consisted of a white dress, stockings, shoes and cap. The nurse cap often had the symbol of a red cross emblazoned on the front flap, and nurses secured the caps to their... Read More »