How to Make a Tree Stump Bird Bath?

Answer Tree stumps are for more than just sitting. In fact, there are quite a few creative ways to utilise a tree stump and avoid the costly process of tree stump removal. If you have recently done some c... Read More »

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How to Remove a Tree Stump with a Stump Grinder?

After cutting down a tree, you will have a tree stump left in the ground. You can leave the stump in the ground, burn it out or use a stump grinder to grind the stump away. Using a stump grinder is... Read More »

How to Make a Bird Bath?

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How to Make a Fake Tree Stump?

Fake tree stumps can be purely decorative, such as those found in gardens, or used for practical purposes in a stage play, haunted house or other production. If you wish the stump to be used as a s... Read More »

How to Make Tree-Stump Chairs?

If you have an unsightly tree stump in your yard, turn it into a piece of artwork that will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. You can add form and function to the stump by turning it int... Read More »