How to Make an Incinerator?

Answer When it comes time to get rid of your yard waste or other debris, burning it often seems the best way to go. However, burning waste in an open fire can be very dangerous if winds carry sparks or ot... Read More »

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DIY: Garbage Incinerator?

Incinerators, also known as modified burn barrels, are an effective way to dispose of debris and garbage that cannot be recycled. Many rural and country homes, such as farms and ranches, and campsi... Read More »

Advantages of an Incinerator?

Some areas use incinerators as a method of waste disposal. Waste products are fed into the incinerator where they are burnt and thus destroyed. While using an incinerator to get rid of waste can be... Read More »

Homemade Incinerator?

An incinerator for your home, also known as a burn barrel, can be used to burn things such as paper, plastic, grass, brush or even animal carcases. Commercial incinerators can be expensive; buildin... Read More »

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