How to Open a Lock on a Sentry Safe With No Key?

Answer Sentry Safe has been a manufacturer of safes for more than 75 years. The company produces many different types of safes in a variety of sizes and security levels to meet your individual needs. Cert... Read More »

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How to Open a Sentry Safe Without the Key?

If you lose the keys to your Sentry safe and you need to retrieve the items within the safe, you can either order a replacement key from Sentry or attempt to open the safe yourself by picking the l... Read More »

How to Pick a Key Entry Lock Without Causing Damage to My Sentry Safe?

Most Sentry safes use wafer tumbler locks as key entry locks. A wafer tumbler lock uses flat wafers to prevent a central cylinder from turning. To pick this type of lock without damaging it, all yo... Read More »

How to Open a Combination Sentry Safe?

A combination Sentry safe is usually made out of steel and is sometimes fire-resistant, offering your valuables protection against both thieves and fire. However, it's only of use to you if you kno... Read More »

How to Open a Broken Dial on a 1250 Sentry Safe?

The Sentry Safe 1250, opens using a 3 or 4-number combination dial. When the dial is working properly, you can open it in a few seconds. However, a broken dial makes opening the safe extremely diff... Read More »