How to Recharge the AC in a Ford Focus?

Answer Overtime the air conditioning system on your Ford Focus may begin to blow warm air or take a very long time to cool down your vehicle, both of which are signs that the air conditioning needs to be ... Read More »

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How to Recharge the Air Conditioner on My Ford Freestyle?

Over time your Ford Freestyle's air conditioner system may begin to blow warm air, a sign that it must be recharged with coolant. Bringing your Freestyle to a mechanic can be expensive and time-con... Read More »

Ford Escort VS Ford Focus VS Ford Fiesta?

Probably the Ford Focus. Although I'd go for something german ideally they're mainly bulletproof engines, in the term it takes a lot to break them! :)Focus or Fiesta though!

How to Recharge the Air Conditioning on a 1995 Ford Mustang?

Whenever you remove components of a vehicle's air-conditioning system for repair, the refrigerant in the system is lost. To restore the system to full cooling capacity, you must evacuate the system... Read More »

I bought an '04 ford focus from main ford dealer now they tell me i have no warranty!?

Yes, you are missing something.FACTS.You probably won't LIKE what I say here, but I am gonna give you the (sometimes brutal) FACTS.Here is a copy of the manufacturer warranty for your 2004 Focus:ht... Read More »