How to Remove Lincrusta Wallpaper?

Answer Wallpaper is a great way to change the look of your interior decor, but once you get tired of its pattern you may wish to remove it to either add a new style or to strip the wall for painting. Linc... Read More »

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How do I Remove Old Wallpaper?

Wallpaper removal is a task no one enjoys. It's messy, sticky and time consuming. Some people try to avoid this tedious task by painting or repapering over wallpaper, but this is never recommended ... Read More »

How to Remove a Wallpaper Border?

Wallpaper border can add style and dimension to any room; unfortunately not everyone's sense of style is the same. If you have had the experience of moving into a home where the previous owners hav... Read More »

How to Remove Painted Wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper can be a difficult process on it's own, but removing wallpaper that's been painted over is an even harder task. Major physical labor is involved, but there are steps you can take... Read More »

How to Remove Tough Wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper is usually not that difficult. Every now and then, however, it can refuse to let go. If you've run into this situation, you might think it would be less work to tear down the wal... Read More »