How to Remove Nitrates From Processed Meat?

Answer Meat products, such hot dogs and deli meats, use a nitrate preservative, such as sodium nitrate, to mitigate the growth of microorganisms that could otherwise spoil the food. Removing nitrates from... Read More »

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Is Processed Meat Unhealthy?

There is a growing consensus that overeating processed meat might be unhealthy, but there is also a lot of skepticism about these opinions and no certainty on the issue. There have been a few diffe... Read More »

What is Spam Is it a processed meat ?

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What are Nitrates?

Nitrates are chemical compounds which, among other defining characteristics, contain the polyatomic ion nitrate, which is composed of one atom of nitrogen and three atoms of oxygen, together having... Read More »

What Kinds of Food Have Nitrates?

Traces of nitrate can be found in many foods, mostly due to the use of the additive sodium nitrate. Sodium nitrate is most often used as a preservative, allowing perishable foods to avoid bacterial... Read More »