How to Set Up a Microscope?

Answer To set up a microscope start by setting the illumination to a comfortable level, rotate 10x position into objective, and adjust the space between two eyepieces so that they line up. Don??t wear eye... Read More »

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How is a Electron Microscope Different to a Light Microscope?

An electron microscope uses a beam of electrons to produce the specimen's image. The light microscope uses natural sunlight that is directed to a condenser lens by a mirror to illuminate the specim... Read More »

How is a Microscope Used for?

The purpose of a microscope is to magnify the specimen images that are not visible to the human eye with the aim of making them visible.

What is a SEM Microscope?

A SEM microscope is a type of microscope that uses a beam of electrons combined with detectors to view very small areas. The device is usually referred to as a SEM, as the letters are an acronym fo... Read More »

What Is an X-Ray Microscope?

An x-ray microscope produces magnified images of small objects with the use of x-rays. This provides unique details that may not be visible with other microscopy technologies. One advantage to an x... Read More »