How to Troubleshoot a Hoover WindTunnel Bagless That Is Making a Loud Noise?

Answer A Hoover vacuum cleaner, regardless of design, pushes air through hoses and filters in order to create suction. A Hoover WindTunnel bagless model making a loud noise while turned on requires troubl... Read More »

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A Clothes Dryer That Is Making a Loud Noise?

It's not uncommon that a clothes dryer produces some noise when it runs. In most circumstances, the noise is from clothes tumbling in the drum, which can create a thumping or rattling sound, depend... Read More »

Why is my pc making a loud running noise?

If the fan is failing it can be replaced cheaply. But it could just be dust affecting the airflow inside the box and making the fan work harder. Disconnect the cables and open up the case. If yo... Read More »

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Computer Making Loud Buzzing Noise?

sounds like the fan, it might just need the fan cleaning out or the worst the bearings have gone which mean replacing the fan. a fan shouldn't be much more than £10 to buy. If your not up to chang... Read More »