How to Turn off the Camera Click Noise on an iPhone?

Answer The camera click noise is a digital sound effect of a camera shutter clicking when a photo is taken on the Apple iPhone. This clicking noise is heard anytime a picture is taken with the built-in ca... Read More »

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How to turn off the camera noise on an iPod Touch?

By default, your iPod Touch makes a conspicuous camera shutter noise every time you take a photo, which can be extremely inconvenient if you're trying to take photos in a quiet setting, such as dur... Read More »

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If you have a laptop, using the touchpad instead of a mouse can be annoying. Touchpads are highly sensitive and respond to every finger movement. Excluding Macs, most laptop touchpads have a left-c... Read More »

Define Camera Noise?

Camera noise is a term used with digital cameras that refers to the presence of unwanted pixels in an image. It can be compared somewhat to grain in film, although digital cameras generate noise fo... Read More »

Is there anyway to turn off that annoying clicking sound when you click on a link?

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio devicesClick the 'sounds' tab. In the window, scroll down to 'Windows Explorer' and in the sub menu, highlight 'Start navigation'Pull down ... Read More »