How to Unhighlight Clicked Links?

Answer Internet browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer highlight the links you click on. For instance, when you perform a search using a search engine and click on any link displayed on the search... Read More »

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How to Hide the Clicked Links on Craigslist?

You have probably noticed that previously clicked links on Craigslist are coloured differently. Although this may save you time by avoiding listings you've already read, it also flags to anyone acc... Read More »

How to Unhighlight the Text of a Word Document?

Highlighting provides a useful method for clearly marking words or passages. If you only use it temporarily, however, then you'll need to unhighlight the text at some point. Unlike some other eleme... Read More »

How to Unhighlight a Viewed Site on Craigslist?

When you view an Internet Web page, links to that site are displayed in a different colour. This conveniently allows you to differentiate between previously visited and unvisited pages on Craigslis... Read More »

Any new sweet songs.. youtube links listen to the links..?

Hi Chris. You won't understand the lyrics of this song but take a listen:…The song is called Hao Xiang Hao Xiang by Chinese singer Vicki Zhao Wei. She has ... Read More »