How to Use the Dock Adapter for an IPod Nano?

Answer Every new iPod Nano comes with a plastic dock adapter, specially designed to fit your iPod Nano. If you own a standard iPod Dock, you can attach the iPod Nano dock adapter to it to make it easier t... Read More »

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On my ipod nano 5th generation, if Im watching a movie and stop it part way through, how do I resume it from the start The ipod touch has the option to start from beginning, or where you left off, and I was wondering if this is possible on the new n?

From page 6 of the manual (that's the manual that you got with your Ipod, but that I needed to download and read on your behalf):To start a song or video over: Press Previous/Rewind

How to Connect an Apple iPad Dock to a VGA Adapter?

The Apple VGA Adapter cable allows you to connect your iPad or iPad 2 to a display device that uses a VGA port. This allows you to view output from the iPad on an HDTV, computer monitor or projecto... Read More »

ipod nano 5th gen-does anyone have one?

There are a couple of choices to be made. Storage size and quality. The best quality would be a lossless setting like Apple Lossless (ALAC). File sizes though, are 3-4 times the size of normal mp3 ... Read More »

ipod nano 5th or 6th gen help?

Plug iPod in... in iTunes... settings > restore.