How to add a video to an e-mail?

Answer HeyFirst things first. What format is the file your trying to send? also how large is the file (right click on the file and see properties). You may be having the problems because windows live serv... Read More »

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Why do i get so much hate mail for this video i made?

I like it!rated 5/5,commented(I'm Burnout541)and faved it!keep smiling!xmade me laugh

What was the video called when smosh got a tampon in the mail on their second channel?


Which is better... hotmail, g mail or yahoo, im getting bombarded with junk on This e-mail (plus e-mail names)?

i think its a matter of opinion, but if you hate junk mail, then i would suggest you open another e-mail account and only use it for business purposes, friends only, etc, if you use yahoo don't eve... Read More »

My mail has been hacked I clicked on a rogue BT ad in my email now my mail is being diverted JHow do I stop th?

This happened to me and emails where being sent to all my contacts with links. Change your email password as said earlier. It worked for me too