How to add twos complement numbers?

Answer No. You are completely lost. The invert and add one is how you get the binary representation of the negative value from the positive, or vice-versa, not how you perform math.-57 = 11000111-27 = 1... Read More »

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Why do buses in cities have a tendency to run in twos and threes?

they get lonely.Think about it. They leave a 5 minute intervals Bus one picks up passengers at every stopBus two has less passengers to pick up so gains on bus one. The closer he gets the less pass... Read More »

English train numbers any web site that gives you correct listing of numbers?

How do people measure g-forces I have read articles about roller coasters that report specific numbers, such as 3 g's. How are these numbers obtained - T?

Whenever you accelerate, you experience a gravity-like sensation in the direction opposite that acceleration. Thus when you accelerate to the left, you feel as though gravity were pulling you not o... Read More »

How to Convert Loran Numbers to Latitude & Longitude Numbers?

In February 2010, after years of steep decline in use in favour of GPS, the Loran (long range navigation) system went off-air in the U.S. and Canada, rendering Loran systems non-functional. This al... Read More »