How to allow two machines(on a virtual network) to be connected statically and be connected to the internet?

Answer So, how are the computer's connected to each other (cable between them, going to your Internet router, switch, etc)?If they are just connected to each other, you need to connect them to an Internet... Read More »

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I cant get rid of the yellow dot covering my network bar, but i'm still connected to the internet?

Delete the connection (Network adapter) and it will re-create itself when you retart or "find new hardware" and you can set it up appropriately... This sometimes happens all because you said this ... Read More »

I cannot access the internet on my laptop even though it is showing as connected to the network.?

You have a local connection (pc/laptop to router) but no WAN connection (router to internet via ISP) check your modem is plugged in and turned on if you have cable. If not call your ISP and check s... Read More »

Can Windows XP Home connect to the internet via LAN, whilst connected to a Wi-Fi Network?

With that setup, you are trying to connect through the second routers firewall and NAT systemTurn off DHCP on the second router, and set it's LAN address to the same subnet as the main router - eg.... Read More »

I am connected to an unsecured wireless network. How can i surf the internet for free using this connection?

Use Windows Zero Config wireless connection manager in XP and choose/connect to the unsecured network.... and surf! Totally illegal too. Don't get caught.