How to ask out a girl out on Facebook?

Answer Ask her to meet up somewhere. It's more manly to do so.

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Should i add this girl i like on Facebook?

yes! ohhh i love these stories! if you know she likes you she is probably waiting for you to make the first move. FB is a good way of breaking the ice then you can talk more to her in your class or... Read More »

What should I say to a girl that I don't know on facebook?

"Heyy." Simple as that. If she replys back, don't sound like a creep,try to make conversation.If you notice she's not trying to make conversation she ain't into you.

I told a girl I like her on facebook?

Try not to try and impress her tooo much, they don't like it heh. and don't over do it with the 'you're so beautiful' thing, this boy used to always say it to me on facebook and it got a bit annoyi... Read More »

Why does this girl ignore me on facebook?

Listen up girlfriend here comes the truth and it is in this bowl.*points to truth bowl*Truth #1 She's just not that into youTruth #2 Sometimes she just doesn't have th... Read More »