How to back up files Keep safe?

Answer Well if you don't have a clue what you are doing then leave wellalone before you delete irreplaceable pictures.I strongly suggest you get a friend round who knows what theyare doing and talk you th... Read More »

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Can I back up my mac, restore the os alone and choose the files from the back up that I want?


Is it safe to delete .EDB files?

Windows uses an indexing system to catalogue all the files and folders on the hard disk. This indexing system allows searches and queries to be completed when the operating system is "searching" fo... Read More »

Is deleting Temporary files safe?

Temporary files are just that -- TEMPORARY.Every time you open your computer, it starts making temporary files. Getting rid of them is good.It WILL NOT affect how your programs run, as those are in... Read More »

Is it safe to clear the C:/windows/temp files?

Yes, it is safe to delete the files in C:\Windows\Temp. Anything with the current date may be in use, in which case you will get an error message. I do this all the time for people in my job as a... Read More »