How to be in a photo twice?

Answer Here's a tutorial:…

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When 2 building societies join, does that make them twice as safe or twice as likely to collapse?

Very good question.Joining usually makes them more powerful which in theory should make them safer.In your case Nationwide has absorbed Portman and both were already safe building societies.You sho... Read More »

If I take a photo using my laptop webcam can I print it out on glossy photo paper?

Yes :) aslong as you load the printer with the paper you want to use and the ink will print on to it without smudging or running then you can print on anything even fabric if you wanted :) good luck x

Does the photo for a provisional driving licence have to be a passport photo?

yes if u go to large post offices or supermarkets they have machines that take the pics approved for passports and licences

Can you put a new default photo on myspace without actually adding it as a new photo?

yeah you can upload it, set it as your default, and then delete it, itll still stay as your default :D