How to change my ip on a mac (Can't connect)?

Answer You need to have a local private IP address that is in the same subnet as the router in order to connect. The best way to ensure this is to set your IP to automatic and let the router assign it.If ... Read More »

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I can't find my router IP address and i need to change the broadcast channel as i struggle to connect sometime?

ipconfig /all see the default gateway ..this will be our router IP (if no other device like access-point etc.(not hub/switch) in between your router and pc ...if you have connected any other devic... Read More »

Transit connect 05 gearbox change, Gear stick in wrong position HELP?

Just what do you mean by "in the wrong position" - are you trying to put a box from a right-hand drive car into a left-hand drive vehicle (or vice versa)?

Is it possible to change the settings on a 2.4ghz laptop to make it connect to a 5ghz network?

It's not possible by settings, but you could swap the WiFi card in the laptop.It will be either a Mini-PCI or Mini-PCI Express type.Older machines use mini pci, which is a short, wide car with a lo... Read More »

Connect Xbox to PC then connect it to the internet using pc's Wireless Adapter?

!st answer is kinda right but no details.... heres how: 1. Determine if your PC has a wireless adapter. 2. Find an Ethernet cable. It can be any Ethernet cable. The Xbox 360 automatically does... Read More »