How to change "open with" to default?

Answer It shouldn't effect anything unless you have to open it with a specific program to run the game. I opened a video with notepad (which didn't work at all) and it set notepad as its default program b... Read More »

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When i open a pic on my pc it opens with adobe fotoshop album. how do i change this default to windows?

Right-click on file and choose open with... I think if you go to Choose From List you can set a new program as default.

I cant change my screen resolution its set on default and i cant change it?

Make sure the correct driver for your video card is installed.Right now your PC is probably using the standard VGA driver that comes with Windows.This is usually what causes this problem.regards,Ph... Read More »

Creating a shortcut to open a site without using your default browser.?

i had the same thing for a while.I got aroung it by creating a short cut on my desktop and then made IEmy default browser. Ithen put google crome in my tray at the bottom. SORRY CAT JUMPED ON MOUS... Read More »

How do I stop Open Office being the default download and upload software on Vista?

To some extent, that may depend on your email program and how it decides what program to open for emails and received email. Here are some generic steps for reassociating MS Word documents with MS... Read More »