How to change order of comments on BB facebook?

Answer No, there is no way to "change" Facebook to make oldest comments appear at the top, since this is already how it is.

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What does (Y) mean in msn and facebook comments?

(Y) Means Thumbs Up And (L) Means A HeartThis Is Because On Msn If You Type (Y) Then It Comes Up As A Thumbs Up Sign & (L) Comes Up As A Heart. Try It.Here Are Some Others You May Want To Know ;(N)... Read More »

What does it mean if someone comments this on your facebook?

If they are a dog, it means they are happy to see you.

facebook comments?

I've had this several times. Before you press Enter, make sure the mouse cursor is still inside the comments box. thank you, that is strange, but it works! Annoying isn't it, lost quite a few long ... Read More »

How can I get more facebook friends and comments?

Comments? Idk if u want alot of friends add friends of friends or fakes who just add anyone