How to change the time at work?

Answer A swift blow from a sledgehammer will mess with that tricky little byatch. Make sure you're wearing a balaclava, bosses record everything these days.Wait a minute that thing looks like it's tech fr... Read More »

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Does your employer have to give you time to change into your work wear?

Yep, that is legal and perfectly normal. Your employer only has to pay you for the hours that you actually work - if you're just getting changed then you're not ready to work yet.

I booked time of work 1 month ago and a week before my day off my work says i have to work.?

Restaurants are busy in December.Most don't allow holidays to be taken until after New Years.It's unfair that they won't work this out for you.It's a decision only you can make, how much do you nee... Read More »

Can a part time worker take time off work without being refused it?

An employee can limit the times that people can take holiday.If September is a busy month then, yes, they can refuse to allow holidays in that period.If he just goes then he will be sacked for gros... Read More »

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