How to change the time at work?

Answer A swift blow from a sledgehammer will mess with that tricky little byatch. Make sure you're wearing a balaclava, bosses record everything these days.Wait a minute that thing looks like it's tech fr... Read More »

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Does your employer have to give you time to change into your work wear?

Yep, that is legal and perfectly normal. Your employer only has to pay you for the hours that you actually work - if you're just getting changed then you're not ready to work yet.

I work full time but term time only and want to go partime due to childcare,can my employer refuse?

You have the right to request to go part time, and legally they have to give your request due consideration. They CAN refuse though, subject to certain criteria.There is more guidance available vi... Read More »

How many hours is good to work every day like part time I dont want full time job?

It all depends on how much money you wish to earn. If you ddon't want a lot of money, then no problem. There are careers you can work at your leisure though. Avon, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee, Party Li... Read More »

Full time work, part time college course - affect my tax credits?

No, you can study part-time and if won't affect any benefits at all.