How to change your Yahoo username?

Answer If You asking About Yahoo Answer peecheekeen is right But If you want Change it completely You cant

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Yahoo dsl router requires username?

Yahoo don't supply routers and you not very clearon what you actually mean.However if you mean the likes of BT/Yahoo or whateverthen it's the BT user name and details you want. Not Yahoos!

I have my Yahoo! email address as my YouTube username?

Go onto YouTube then click on "YouTube settings". From there you go to manage account, the third bit down it says 'Channel Settings'. It has two sentences. At the end of the second one it says 'cre... Read More »

How to Create a New Username for Your Yahoo Email Account?

If you have Yahoo! Mail Plus, you can create up to 500 disposable e-mail addresses to protect your existing Yahoo! Mail account. The new username is not a separate Yahoo! Mail account or Yahoo! ID ... Read More »

How do I change my username?

I don't think you can. I think you would have to create a new account to create a new username.