How to cofig BT home hub 2.0?

Answer Apparently, the Home Hub 2 (type A & B) and 3 (type A) models are known to be compatible with a number of BT owned ISP subsidiaries such as PlusNetBT Home Hub 2 (Type A)Thomson, Broadcom chipsetBT ... Read More »

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What is the difference between a care home, a residential home and a nursing home?

Right:-A Residential home: The people who stay there are more or less independant. Can dress, wash, feed themselves pretty well.-A Care home: The people who stay there perhaps need more help with e... Read More »

Can i qualify for a first time home buyer credit if i purchase a rent to own home?

my peers are 1/2 right, 1/2 wrong. Prior to the bank bailouts,there was no such thing culturally as rent to own. Obama invented that term--there has been lease option for 100 yrs!It is still a ve... Read More »

Can I legally force a home owner to release their home insurance details?

(2-part post):You can't claim on someone else's insurance; you have to claim against the person and then, if they're able to, they can refer the matter to their insurers (if any). With motoring cl... Read More »

I am a home owner, can I sell my home to my son for only the amount due to settle my outstanding mortgage?

Good question.You may wish to contact HMRC and pose the question would it be a taxable benefit to him?I think you may find the answer as YES. If so, he would pay a lot of Capital Gains Tax, I think... Read More »