How to connect a PC/Laptop to your HDTV using an SVGA cable?

Answer Connect a computer to an HDTV set using an SVGA cable so that images displayed on the computer can also be seen on the TV. Most HDTV sets have a number of inputs available for signals from various ... Read More »

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How to Connect an SVGA Cable to a Vizio TV?

Connect your super video graphics adaptor (SVGA)-compatible device to your Vizio television with an SVGA input to view content from the device on your television. The input is typically used to con... Read More »

How to Connect a Cable Box to a DVD Recorder & an HDTV?

Hooking up a cable box to both a DVD recorder and an HDTV is a relatively simple process. The DVD recorder will have to be hooked up to the TV so that you can watch movies, and it will also have to... Read More »

Can i connect my pc to a secondary monitor (hdtv) via a hdmi to dvi cable?

yeps it will work, i have done the same..brought the cable from ebay. you will also need to go into properties on windows and change the config settings for the monoitors.

What Is an SVGA Cable?

SVGA cables are a standard of 15-pin cables used to connect a computer to its display. The SVGA standard is derived from the earlier VGA standard. SVGA cables carry an analogue signal. The SVGA nam... Read More »