How to connect laptop (vista) with pc (XP) using cross cable.?

Answer do you checked the properties?

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Help to Connect My Two Vista Laptop Computers Using a USB Cable?

You can connect two Vista laptop computers in many ways, but by far one of the easiest ways is to use a USB cable. With the specially designed Easy Transfer USB cable, you can transfer files betwee... Read More »

What cross over cable to i need to use to connect my xbox to my pc?

I am not sure what this will do for you. Your computer and Xbox are intended to plug into a router to share a connection to the internet. Each ethernet cable is called a "patch" cord, which is ... Read More »

Trying to connect my laptop to my tv. I have a vga to hdmi cable. But when I connect it no picture comes up.?

That will NEVER work.Your laptop's VGA port can only send out an ANALOG video signal. The HDTV's HDMI port can only receive a DIGITAL signal. Analog is NOT compatible wiht Digital, no matter what... Read More »

What is that cable called what you can connect to your laptop and and see the laptop screen on your tv?

Most common is a S-Video cable, which is a round socket with 4, although sometimes 7, pins. These only send video, so if you want to send sound as well, you'll need either a set of speakers or an a... Read More »