How to connect two laptops?

Answer It is connected By a VGA cable and nothing

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HELP!!! how do i connect my laptops sound to tv?

You wont do any damage and you only have 4 ports in 2 rows so you have 4 options If it doesn't work in the first pair try the other pair and so on

Can I Connect Two Laptops With an Ethernet Cord?

Connecting desktop computers and laptops to a home network allows you to share a Internet connection and files with other users in the house. There are several ways to connect two laptops together.... Read More »

How do wireless laptops work/connect?

its uses the wireless adapter inside the laptopits kinda the same as having a wired connection.that uses the network card in the computer for the connection.a wireless connection uses the wireless ... Read More »

How to Connect Two Laptops Together With a Crossover Cable?

If you have a home network you can connect several computers and share resources. However, if you have two laptop computers and you don't have access to a network but want to make a temporary netwo... Read More »