How to connect with friends on minecraft?

Answer Go on google and type in minecraft servers. A good website is planet minecraft. Then once you have found a server, copy its ip address that should be listed on the website next to the server name. ... Read More »

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How can I connect to my friends minecraft server?

get logmein hamachi its free look at youtube vids to see how to set it up and make sure his/her firewall is turned off

Can't connect to

Do you have the normal internet? Refresh, clear your cookies, try another browser, etc.Look up other ways, maybe on hamachi internet problems. The answer is already on the internet, somewhere.

My server in minecraft wont connect?

Hmm.This may help you:…One way my friend and I did it is we set up a VPN on Hamachi that I could connect to while he hosted it. You may want to consider t... Read More »

What do I take with my lap top to connect to the internet if I go to a friends house?

If your friends house is Wifi enabled, then you can just bring a wireless card or wireless USB adaptor.If your friends house is Wire Lan, then you need a cable.