How to control how much I'm using my laptop?

Answer I am very much the same, I always end up on Facebook or Yahoo or eBay.I rarely speak to anybody online unless its for university.I suggest getting a hobby or interest in something, for me I chose t... Read More »

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Will using a laptop adaptor at the same voltage with a difference of 0.05a damage my laptop?

Not really, it would take a long time to have any bad effects on the battery.You could always take the battery out and just run the laptop off the mains.

I am using my laptop without battery.My laptop shutsdown while my processor is extremely hot. What is th sol.?

I cleaned my fans/heatsink after 1.5 years of use and it fixed things for me. My laptop was running hot and loud for months and its typically very quiet. You should clean it yearly. Use a can of co... Read More »

How connect from mobile to laptop by using bluetooth for internet browsing (nokia 5130,hp laptop)?

Use the Nokia PC Suite, the old one, not the Nokia Ovi Suite. From there you connect your phone to the PC using bluetooth and select "Connect to the internet" on the Nokia PC Suite.

How to Control Anger Using Communication Skills?

Excessive anger can hurt your relationships and can even cause health problems. It may feel good to yell and scream to vent your frustration, but think of how you are pushing away those you are yel... Read More »